Exclusive: Sneak Peek of AntabStudio’s GRIDD 2

If you guys checked out our 10 Burning Questions interview with Andrea Tabacco this ┬ámorning, you know GRIDD 2 is currently in development. We’ve got some exclusive photos of the new game in development. The original game takes place on a 2D plane, where as GRIDD 2 will be entirely 3D. It’s an interesting new perspective and it seems like there could be real potential here. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of the game.

When we spoke to Andrea about GRIDD 2, he mentioned that the game used the Unity3D engine, which means the game would be excellent for a Windows 8 tablet release. Andrea is enthusiastic about the future of Windows 8 and we’re excited to see GRIDD make the jump to an extra dimension. Have any comments about the shots or are you looking forward to the game? Let us know.