What form factor is best for Windows 8?

We’ve seen a lot of interesting Windows 8 devices over the last couple days. It’s almost like someone told everyone that Windows 8 needs new and bizarre form factors. We’ve seen dual screen ultrabooks, 18″ tablet dock all-in-ones, slider tablets, and L-shaped docks. But what form factor is best?

Windows 8 is clearly made for many different screens and uses, but what one will catch on? I tend to think the tablet + keyboard dock is a form factor many people will adopt. What about you? Tell us below!

  • Pookiewood

    I REALLY want a Playbook type Windows 8 Device. Perfect size IMO.

  • Ive never felt the need for a keyboard on my iPad. So when I get a tablet for Windows 8 I’ll get just a straight tablet. I never understood theneed for the keyboard/dock. that’s why I got a tablet. one less thing to carry around. my laptop is never that far out of reach if I need it.

  • Transformer or Lenovo Yoga, not yet sure :)

  • 12″/13″ tablet with dock – the dock for the keyboard (it is more responsive and makes sure you have 100% of the screen to see waht you are doing), batterylife and the possibillity so connect a bigger screen (hdmi/usb 3.0) when you are at the office.