PrimeTube 2.0 adds in-app video player, HD video support

One of our favorite apps has just received a nice update. PrimeTube, the 3rd party YouTube app, has been updated to version 2.0 with some nice additions. Without a dedicated YouTube app for Windows Phone it’s imperative that these 3rd party apps stay fresh.

The biggest feature in version 2.0 is the new in-app video player. The video player has controls for mute, zoom, low quality, high quality, and high definition. Tapping on the screen hides or reveals the controls. You can also switch to the native video player if you desire. Full list of changes below.

  • HD, HQ and LQ video support
  • In-app video player + ability to switch between native and In-app player
  • German and Italian language support
  • Video upload – Instant and queued uploads with push notifications
  • Video recording and video library
  • Live tile support – Application main tile + Secondary video and author tiles
  • Latest subscription videos on main page

PrimeTube is free from the Marketplace.


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