Windows Phone expected to be at level market share with iOS by 2016

Android’s day in the sun can’t last forever. Eventually the little green robot is going to plateau and begin to fall as something new comes along. Of course the “something new” we’d like to see is Windows Phone 8.

According to the IDC Windows Phone is going to start chipping into Android and iOS, By 2016 they predict Wp will be at 19% market share compared to the current 5%. In that time Android will drop to 52%, and iOS will drop to 19% as well.

Now we’ve seen these reports before. No one knows exactly what will happen in the future, but there are a few things we can safely predict. Android will eventually slow down. Windows Phone will eventually grow if Microsoft keeps pushing it. The exact numbers might not be the same, but the end result is a definite probability.

[via BGR]

  • genial

    so, obviously wp developers will have some demand ?