Last week we kicked off our contest for creating a WinSource app. We had a very positive response, but some people were turned off by one of the rules. We’ve decided to revise the rule in hopes to get everyone participating in the contest. Here is the revised rule:

Entrants agree that entering an app into the contest constitutes the right for to use their app, their information, and their source code in any way, shape, or form deemed appropriate or beneficial to
Entrants agree that submitting an app into the contest grants WinSource & Neverstill Media an unrestricted and unlimited worldwide license to use, modify, publish, and reproduce the submitted application, source code, and related assets.

So now instead of handing over the source code to us outright you are just giving us a license to use it. Basically this means you still own the code, which we think is best for both parties.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, and we can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up!

P.S. Soon we will be offering a plugin for those who want deeper integration than the RSS feed. We’ll have another announcement in a day or two.

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