Microsoft Details the App Submission Process for Windows 8

As the release of Windows 8 draws near, Microsoft is working harder to make sure both developers and consumers understand how the new Windows App Store will work. For developers, the Windows App Certification Kit must be downloaded and run with the results submitted to Microsoft in order to either approve or reject the app.  For apps that are approved, the listing is then sent along, which should include information about the app and a URL link for downloading or purchasing it.

Along with this information, a price must be provided for consumers, even if the app is free. Addtionally, global markets must be chosen, so customers can find apps in their native languages that much more easily. It seems like Microsoft is trying to work out all the kinks of their Windows Phone submission process, so hopefully submissions to the Windows Store won’t take as long as they have previously. Further details included:

During the app submission process, we request that you supply a URL for users who need the x86 version of an app and one for those who need the x64 version. For Release Preview, both URL fields are required, and should correspond to the version of Windows that a user is running. If the acquisition page is the same for both, we recommend that you use the same URL in both fields. The Windows Store detects whether a user is running the x86 or x64 version of Windows, and users can only see apps that correspond to this version.

[via: Microsoft Store Blog]

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