[Rumor] Nokia is Focus Testing Dual Core Windows Phones

MobilityDigest claims that Nokia is currently using focus groups to test its next line of devices, likely the successor to the wildly popular Lumia series currently available on the market. The site doesn’t name sources, but the specs available for the devices seem pretty solid, if the rumor is to be believed:

  • 3.5” – 4” screen (no mention of AMOLED or LCD)
  • Dual-core CPU (undisclosed clock speed or manufacturer)
  • 8MP Camera (no pureview )
  • Very rectangular design with sharp edges
  • Cheap plastic body

The cheap plastic body comment is the only thing that draws my attention here as to why this could be fake, as the Lumia 800/900 feel anything but cheap and Nokia is not known for their shoddy design sense. Of course, MobilityDigest says the model could be a mid to low end model, but the focus group competition includes the Galaxy SIII and the iPhone 4S, so we doubt this.

[via: MobilityDigest]

  • Haxcid

    Sample phones are not always the same as final release phones. Id not make any judgements because the phone was reported as plastic.

  • I would like to have that design for next Lumias… Rrrrrrr! :)