Seton Hall University Freshmen to Receive Lumia 900 after Orientation

It’s always interesting when technology meshes with curriculum, as we’ve seen of Chromebooks and iPads in the past, both considerable consumption devices. However, this is the first time that a school has offered phones as a means to integrate technology into their curriculum, but that’s just what New Jersey’s Steton Hall University is doing. Officials are even going so far as to have a special app for students in order to make the Freshman Experience just a bit easier.

Freshmen will be able to interact with others in the social hub, find academic advisors, and even learn about their housing and roommates for the future semester. Also interesting to note is that the freshmen will receive pre-paid access to AT&T all through the fall semester, though the students will need to pick up the bill after that. It’s an interesting move both on Steton Hall and Nokia’s part, with a sprinkle of AT&T making sure people are locked in on their network early.

[via: Engadget]

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