ChevronWP7 Unlocked Phones will begin Re-Locking on August 11th

The experiment has been officially over since January, but now all phones that were unlocked via the $9 token purchased from ChevronWP7 will begin re-locking on August 11th. Devices will only re-lock if connected to a PC that is running Microsoft’s Zune software, but considering this is how a phone is updated, any phone that users want to stay current will be re-locked.

The future is not all grim though, as those who purchased the tokens from ChevronWP7 are eligible for a free App Hub membership that normally runs $99 per year. Users who do decide to upgrade to the App Hub membership will be able to unlock their device using Microsoft’s tools, with App Hub accounts expected to be set up before August 11th.

Will you be taking advantage of the free App Hub membership or letting your phone re-lock without it?

[via The Verge]

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