Dells says it will release “Unimaginable” Windows 8 Devices

Last week at Computex we got a great look at the future of Windows 8 devices from several companies. Today, Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell confirmed that the company will be releasing several different devices that will feature Windows 8. It’s interesting to note that Dell seems to be all in for Windows 8, saying:

“You’ll see us at launch, at Windows 8 launch, with a full complement of devices–tablets, hybrids, convertibles–you know every imaginable and maybe some unimaginable forms.”

It’s hard to imagine what sort of unimaginable forms Dell thinks the company could bring to the market successfully, but I suppose that’s part of the challenge. Dell also confirmed that the company will be releasing a Windows 8 tablet with an ARM-based processor for additional options.

What sort of unique form factors would you like to see in Windows 8 tablets? I certainly home Sony’s clamshell design isn’t one Dell is considering “unimaginable”.

[via Neowin]

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