10 Burning Questions with Team KIDE, creators of TeeDee

We love finding hidden gems, and we think TeeDee is one of them. It has a measly 5 ratings in the Marketplace, but that doesn’t reflect the Xbox Live-quality graphics and gameplay. We sat down and talked to Team KIDE about TeeDee and Windows Phone. Check it out.

1. How did you get started with Windows Phone?

All four of us attended a Windows Phone developing course held at our college in the hopes of developing a game. At first we began to develop the game as a school project, but then we realized we had something much bigger in our grasp and we would love to share it with other people. We started this project without any former experience of the Windows Phone platform.

2. What phone do you personally use?

Most of us use an Android phone and none of us owned a Windows phone while developing the game. We only got ourselves a Lumia 710 after completing “Chapter 2” of Teedee.

3. What was your biggest challenge in developing Teedee for the Windows Phone platform?

Figuring out how tombstone works with XNA slowed us down for a while, also getting our name out there is a really big challenge.

4. Monetization: in terms of driving revenue, can you tell us about your experience, your strategy, and the overall potential? (We know this is a touchy subject and confidential issue, but we appreciate any details you’re willing to share)

When we started we did not even think about this as a business practice. It was something fun we did as group of friends, but as we came closer to the release we were forced to think about the business side of things. That was the point at which we decided that the purpose of our team is to create quality games with small price tags. We would also get experience in the process and make our debut to the world.

5. What do you want to see in Windows 8?

It looks quite good for a tablet PC. But what we have seen so far feels very limited for PC users. We’re quite happy with the functionality of Windows 7, so we would want to see something more like it.

6. How does developing for Windows Phone compare to other platforms such as Android and iOS? Do you prefer one over the other?

We haven’t started developing for other platforms yet. But we are planning to port Teedee to iOS and Android in the future. We’ll surely learn a lot in the process.

7. If you could give one tip to fellow Windows Phone developers, what would it be?

Believe in your project! Even a small team can accomplish great things, as long as you are dedicated, patient and willing to learn new things.

8. Tell us one thing most people don’t know about you as a developer.

When we started the game project, none of us had ever even tried a Windows Phone.

9. Any major announcements on the horizon you’d like to talk about?

By the end of June, Teedee will be fully completed and after that you can expect to see more games developed by us.

10. Is there anything you wish were different about any of the major platforms? Any road blocks you experienced during development for the three?

We only have experience of the Windows Phone platform and there haven’t been any significant challenges that we haven’t already mentioned.

You can find TeeDee in the Marketplace for $.99 and a free trial. It really is an undiscovered treasure, and you should do yourself a favor and try it out.

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  • > It looks quite good for a tablet PC. But what we have seen so far feels very limited for PC users.

    It’s just a new start menu, not elimination of a desktop