How much does Windows RT cost for OEMs?

With the free, open-sourced Android OS so prevalent these days we can sometimes forget that Windows is not free to use. Every time you buy a Microsoft device, whether it be a phone or computer, you are paying a certain amount for the OS. That’s because the OEM that made the device had to buy a Windows license. So how much does it cost to use Windows RT?

Windows RT is the ARM version of Windows 8. It supports processors like Tegra 3. At Computex last week OEMs were polled about licensing costs for RT. Turns out it costs about $85 per device for someone like ASUS to make a Windows RT tablet. That’s pretty pricey when you consider some Android devices, like the Kindle Fire, barely double that in total price. Now you know why Android is popular.

[via The Verge]

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