Windows 8 vs Windows RT: Know the Difference

In the last few weeks we’ve seen a lot of new Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. Even though these two platforms have different names they both run Windows 8, but with one difference: processors. Most of you just need to know that both are Windows 8, but for the processor geeks out there we’ll go more in depth.

Windows 8

This is the version that most of you will see. It will be available to install on your machines at home, and it will be on many new products too. Windows 8 runs on the x86 processors like Intel and AMD. This will allow you to run Windows 7 programs and apps.

Windows RT

This version of Windows will not be available to install on your machines; it will only come pre-installed on certain devices. Windows RT is for ARM processors like Tegra and Qualcomm, the processors you normally see in phones and tablets. While Windows RT won’t be able to run Windows 7 programs, it will come with a special version of Microsoft Office.

You’ve got 4-5 months to figure out which is best for you.

  • don hearn

    please god let the rumored x86 phone be legit
    I have used the iphone and the androids for years , i want a PC in my pocket