App Publishing Time for the Marketplace on the Decline

One of the problems that has plagued the Windows Phone marketplace since its early days are unusually log certification times to ensure an app can be published on its respective Marketplace. When asking multiple developers what sorts of improvements they’d like to see, most answer better support for the certification process.

It looks like Microsoft has finally taken heed of these woes and addressed multiple issues that will affect the time it takes to process apps, as well as the quality of apps that get passed through the approval process. This is what Microsoft had to say in a recent statement on the Windows Phone Blog:

Last week we took action to trim the size of the Marketplace feed, by removing app information that was no longer used and frankly just slowing things down. Since we trimmed, the average publishing time—the period between hitting the publish button and seeing your certified app become visible in Marketplace—has improved by 20 to 30 percent. It now takes roughly 3 to 4 business days to certify and publish an app.

Aside from these improvements, Microsoft also said it has made some improvements to the App Hub so that developers can now register phones to their account even if the handset was originally unlocked to a different account. These are all steps in the right direction for both developers and consumers and we’re eager to see them take root before Windows 8 hits the market.

[via Windows Phone blog]

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