[Rumor] Microsoft will announce their own tablet on June 18th

Yesterday news broke about a mysterious Microsoft event being held on Monday (June 18th). There have been several theories on what Microsoft will be showing at this event, but the most common has been Windows RT tablets. A new rumor today suggests that not only will they unveil a Windows RT tablet, but it will be a Microsoft branded tablet.

The whole event is very mysterious. Several people who have been invited have quoted Microsoft as saying “you’re going to want to see this.” One thing is clear, something big is about to happen. If Microsoft does unveil a tablet it will be just a week before Google allegedly unveils their own Nexus tablet.

The event is going down on Monday (June 18th) at around 6PM EST. If anything big happens you can find it here.

[via The Verge]

  • NightAngel79

    I’m excited to see a windows tablet! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • don hearn

    The w700 is insane…that is what i have wanted since i bought a htc6800. Well heck even before that really.
    I have a xoom and sell the ipads….both are cool , i can function with the xoom and the ipad is so much more powerful then the xoom , but neither are on the same planet as what the w700 brings to the table.
    Its a desktop that GOES everywere. A one device solution

  • Hillbilly Dickens

    I wants me some windows tablet goodness, okay. I would sell stuff in order to gets me one of them.