Zombies, Run! Coming to Windows Phone Soon

Do you find it hard to find the motivation to get your daily run into your busy routine? How about if a ham radio announcer crackled over your phone telling you zombies were closing in on your position? That’s the very idea behind Zombies, Run! an iPhone game that launched earlier this year after a successful round of backing on Kickstarter late last year. The crowd-funded game has done well on iOS and now the developers are looking to bring the app to both Android and Windows Phone.

“Taking advantage of Windows Phone’s engaging and unique functionality, Zombies, Run! is a fun and entertaining way of keeping fit for both beginners and advanced runners. Integrating Windows Phone’s Live Tiles, people will be able to jump into their run from the startscreen and easily view their total distance and time at a glance.”

This is welcome news for many people who have been waiting for the app store to expand, as attracting indie developers who have crowd funded their projects to the platform is a good sign of growth. The app originally launched on iOS devices for the hefty price of $7.99, one of the most expensive games available for the platform, but the very nature of building up your last bastion of survival through real world running has garnered much praise for the game.

The app is launching this month on Android, but will be available next month for Windows Phone devices. We’ll keep you up to date.

[via Develop]