11 popular apps on iOS and Windows Phone: Which is more beautiful?

Apps, apps, apps. That’s all we hear about these days when it comes to mobile. The fact of the matter is most OS’ have the same major apps. iOS and Android apps look¬†fairly¬†similar, but Windows Phone apps tend to look drastically different. The good folks over at PocketNow compared some popular apps and how they look on iOS and Windows Phone.

In our opinion the iOS apps look nice, but a little boring. The Windows Phone apps have a lot of big pictures, colorful backgrounds, and feel more like an extension of the OS. But don’t take our word for it, check out the gallery below.

  • Kr8w20

    I’m liking the designs/layouts on the Windows Phone version. It looks better than the one’s on my iOS devices, then again, I’ve never tried an app on Windows, so it might be buggy, but who knows? It looks more professional.

  • That’s just a TKO right there. Metro wins.