Barnes & Noble Confirms No Microsoft Partnership for Announcement Today

The Internet has been running rampant over the weekend trying to figure out what the big Microsoft announcement will be at 6:30 EST today. Many sites speculated that Microsoft could be teaming up with Barnes & Noble to create a Nook/Windows hybrid tablet in an effort to take on both Android and Amazon at the same time, but today a Barnes & Noble spokesperson reached out to The Verge in order to debunk these rumors once and for all.

The spokesperson had a firm, “we are not part of their announcement” statement for the website, so this officially rules out the rumor that Microsoft could be trying to horn in on the eReader market for now. I think this is probably best for the company anyway, as you definitely don’t want your major tablet announcement to be tied to what is considered an underperforming tablet in both the Nook and the Kindle Fire.


  • I’m really happy about this. The nook is an ugly tablet. BTW I wouldnt call the Kindle Fire underperforming. It hasnt been out long and its probably the 2nd choice for tablets after the iPad.