Microsoft Surface vs. Transformer Prime vs. iPad (3rd gen) [Chart]

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Microsft has taken a big leap into the tablet game tonight, and the immediate question is how do they stack up against the competition? We’ve compiled a chart with the specs Microsoft has released so far and put them against what Android and iOS has to offer. It’s pretty early to pick a winner, but Microsoft looks to be playing pretty serious.

Surface is bringing some innovative things to the tablet game. Microsoft has taken Apple’s “SmartCover” idea and added a full fledged multi-touch keyboard to it. Now it will protect your screen and help you power through emails. The back has a built in kickstand, but it’s not just a leg. Half of the back folds out to create sturdy support. This is a table that will be on a lot of people’s minds.

  • Wulfher Skullsplitter

    Doesn’t grab me, it’s still MS riding on Apple’s coat tails. These guys just can’t be original.

  • WinSource

    Check out the cover and tell me it’s not original.

  • Wasn’t Surface the name MS used for that stupid kitchen table thing that became vaporware?

  • somebody_somewhere

    You’re an idiot. This is nothing like the iPad

  • Vaporware implies it was never released, but it was.

  • Kint Verbal

    They used the same name so that they didn’t need a new patent, in order not to tip off other companies (competitors, OEMs etc.)

  • brayco

    Exactly, you stupid people who want to compare the MS Surface with Apple’s iPad, which may not realize that they are entirely different thing, one has ports and peripherals and the other not, one has ports for expandable memory and the other no one is designed for gaming, surfing the internet and run any type of production application in the office and obviously run all applications from Google, the other to navigate and play only.
    Is more than clear that the Surface is much more flexible, practical, productive with your keypad.
    Want to talk about innovation, perhaps because they forgot who invented the mouse, or first windows platform, and multi-service?

  • tokencode

    Microsoft improved up the tablet Apple made popular and added a dose of productivity to Apple’s play thing. Remember Microsoft bailing apple out? You realize iCloud is powered by Microsoft’s Azure right? Microsoft has FAR more intellectual property than apple does….