5 Microsoft Games We’re Dying to See on the Surface

Ever since the Microsoft Surface debuted yesterday, the only thing the gamer inside of me can imagine is the possibilities for unbridled gaming on the go. The casual games available on the iPad and Android are okay and there are a few gems available like Infinity Blade, but real honest to god gaming isn’t to be had unless you download OnLive’s app and you’re prepared to take a hit on your data for streaming.

That being said, we’ve put together a list of great games we feel would translate well to touch controls, or even Xbox controller support if something smaller than the standard Xbox controller were to be designed for gamers on the go. The built-in kickstand is the perfect accompaniment to propping up and having a gaming session while you wait and we expect Microsoft to offer beefy specs in order to compete well with Android and iOS in the tablet space.

1. Age of Empires

Age of Empires has been a staple in the strategy industry for years now, which makes it perfect for release on Microsoft’s new tablet. It’s a Microsoft owned property, so support as an exclusive is definitely there. Tower defense games have become so popular for mobile users because they’re micro-bites of strategy games packed into one. We think having a serious strategy series available on the Surface would be a big step to making mobile gaming the next generation for gamers everywhere. After all, who doesn’t want to control a remake of Age of Kings?

2. Halo

Speaking of franchises Microsoft owns, how awesome would it be to see Halo stuck in your pocket? Make no mistake, this could be a reality. Ubisoft has spun off its Assassin’s Creed franchise specifically for mobile several times, so we believe Microsoft would have no qualms about doing the same with Halo, especially if the Surface kicks off as a beefy device that can handle simple every day tasks and gaming in recreation as well. With games like Shadowgun on Android showing just how viable shooters are, Microsoft would do well to give us a portable Halo.

3. Viva Piñata

Microsoft scooped up Rare back in the early 2000s and since then the studio has been responsible for some pretty addicting games. Not least of all is Viva Piñata, a counter to Nintendo’s highly addictive Animal Crossing. Players are tasked with cleaning up a garden to attract multiple piñatas, all with the intention of breeding them for rare species. It’s a healthy mix of Animal Crossing and Pokemon and even hardcore gamers will find themselves addicted to getting conditions right for that one specific piñata to appear. The controls for the game would translate superbly well to a touch screen, so we really want to see this become a reality.

4. Fable

I’m not sure how well the series will continue with Peter Molyneux gone, but the classic RPG series Fable could breathe new life into mobile games by being available on the Surface. While later iterations in the series had aspects that weren’t very fun, such as the kingdom building in Fable 3, the original game got the formula near perfect. We’d love to see a hack n’ slash RPG with consequences available to be consumed on mobile devices, even if it’s not a main entry into the Fable series. The controls could be converted considerably well especially for magic users, since players would have more control over the direction of their spells.

5. ‘Splosion Man

I never thought I’d put a platformer on a list of games I’d like to see on a touch-based device, but there it is. ‘Splosion Man would translate particularly well since you have to explode the main character in order to get him places, using touch based controls to direct the explosions could in some cases, be better than buttons and a joystick. Not to mention most levels in the game are bite-sized enough to be enjoyed in smaller situations, much like most mobile apps are designed for Android and iOS.

  • I’ve given up on the Fable and Halo franchises… but would love to see the others on the Surface devices. Definitely would be a must have tablet with real Xbox games on it.