Microsoft Rebrands Original Surface Table to PixelSense

For those tech savvy enough to remember Microsoft playing around with a touch surface table a few years ago, many people asked, “Surface? Isn’t that already the name of a Microsoft product?” The answer here is yes, but Microsoft deemed the name too good not to use on a handheld tablet device, so the original $12,500 behemoth has been renamed to PixelSense.

The original device featured the Samsung SUR40 LCD table with Microsoft’s PixelSense integrated into the platform to make for easy sharing of photos.. and that’s pretty much all the company ever showed the table doing. Now if you hit up the Surface page, a small addendum at the bottom of the page that reads, “Looking for the SamsungSUR 40 with Microsoft PixelSense? Visit” Of course, PixelSense was the name of the optical sensor in the table, so the name isn’t all that creative. Still, for those asking, the table has been renamed.

[via The Verge]

  • I was wondering if all their Touch devices would just be Surface names, like how their media players were all Zunes. Makes sense to distance the tablets from something like the PixelSense though.