Details of IE10 in Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has revealed details about Internet Explorer 10 on the Windows Phone 8 platform, revealing that the same code that codes into IE10 for Windows 8 will be available on Windows Phone 8 as well. Additionally, the company mentioned several improvements to JavaScript rendering and HTML5 rendering, which should mean a better and faster browser overall.

A new feature for IE10 is SmartScreen, an anti-phishing filter that will use data from Windows 8 PCs all across the world in order to determine whether or not a website is safe. This is something Microsoft has been in direct competition with Chrome for some time, so if SmartScreen works well both on PCs, tablets, and Windows Phones this is an amazing advantage.

The above graph shows the SunSpider score for the current build of IE10 on Windows Phone 8, showing that it currently outpaces the top iOS and Android phones available. Notice this even includes iOS 6, which hasn’t been released to the public yet.

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