[Rumor] Microsoft Surface RT Priced at $599, Surface Pro at $799

With the Surface revealed only two days ago with no pricing attached, many sites have gone wild with speculation as to what the new tablet offering from Microsoft will cost for consumers. Digitimes says they have discovered the original design manufacturer and pegs Pegatron Technology. While this news is interesting, the real interesting part comes at the prices Digitimes has labeled for the two different versions of the Microsoft Surface.

These of course are rough estimates for the pricing of each of these, but the Windows RT Surface price with nVidia’s Tegra 3 will be $599, while the Windows 8 Pro Surface, featuring an Ivy Bridge processor will be around $799. Remember of course that these are speculations, but how do you feel about this pricing?

At first glance, this puts the Windows RT Surface model on par with the iPad, but the fact that the Pro version sits at a hefty $800 will put it out of the range of many. If this pricing information is true, I’m not so sure Microsoft will be able to compete well with their Intel model, as it’s nearing ultrabook price.

[via Digitimes]


  • idlelimey

    Are you kidding ;) ? $800 for that amount of grunt in a tablet sounds like a bargain to me!! Was actually hoping the RT model would come in at ~$499 as there’ll be no WinRT license fee on it, therefore reducing cost of manufacture.

    I’m more concerned that the UK won’t see this either at all or for a while after the states. MS need to get these built and in to as many markets as possible YESTERDAY!

    To echo many a sentiment – “Microsoft, shut up and take my money!”. They had me sold as soon as Balmer emerged with it in his hand. :)

  • In my opinion, those prices sound quite good actually. The 32GB WinRT Surface is just on a par with the 32GB iPad, which might be crucial for its success.

    For the Pro Surface, I’m with idlelimey. People should not think about this version as a tablet, but as a tablet you can plug into a big screen and have a full PC! Seriously, this blend of a Tablet OS and Desktop OS is better than everything Apple and Google can deliver at the moment, and $800 would be a steal for a device like the Surface that delivers this experience.

  • I’d be hesitant to buy the Pro Surface for a price any higher than $799.

  • Bob

    The Surface RT is more of a competitor to Android tablets than the iPad. The specs may be closer to iPad, but apps are extremely poor on the Windows App Store. Windows 8 will be harder for people to adopt, also. They need to be sub-$200 for it to work. For the pro, they may get away with $400, as it would be seen as similar to a $400 laptop by the time it is released.

  • $950 sounds closer to the mark, its a quad core core i5 not a core 2 duo inside!