What Does the Microsoft Surface Mean for Other OEMs?

While the Microsoft Surface certainly wowed yesterday due to its numerous innovations, the real question left to be asked is how other OEMs feel now that Microsoft has directly announced it plans to compete in the hardware market. Both Acer and Lenovo have previously confirmed that they plan on releasing Windows 8 tablets, while others such as Dell and HP were expected to follow suit.

Now with Microsoft poised as both the hardware maker and software provider, where these manufacturer’s sit with their plans in relation to Windows 8 tablets remains dubious. The Verge recently reached out to several in order to determine their opinion on the announcement. Both HP and Acer declined to make statements about the new tablet, while Dell said that Microsoft is “an important partner” for the company and that Windows 8 tablet production will continue. Lenovo had much of the same to say, saying Windows-based tablets put the company in a “very strong position”.

It’s interesting to see these hardware manufacturer’s stances, as both Acer and HP confirm that they learned of Microsoft’s plans for its own tablet directly at the conference.



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