Zynga will be bringing Words With Friends and DrawSomething to Windows Phone

Some of you might think this was the biggest annuncement made today. Microsoft has annonced that Zynga will be bringing the super popular games Words With Friends and DrawSomething to Windows Phone. No specific time table was given.

If you want to party in the streets about this one we understand. A lot of people ask why these apps aren’t on Windows Phone, and it can be a be negative for some people. Let’s hope they are here sooner rather than later.

  • richandwhite

    I’ve read it’s happening this fall, I’d imagine they’ll probably write it for Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8. As far as I’ve heard, WP8 can use WP7 apps, but not the other way around.

  • somebody_somewhere

    only WP8 apps that are written natively won’t work for WP7. Developers will have the option in the SDK to support 7.x devices.