Acer & Dell Express Doubts About Microsoft Surface

While the Microsoft Surface tablet wowed consumers and techies alike when it was announced Monday, the founder of Acer and a former Dell CEO seem to have doubts about the tablet’s viability. Acer founder Stan Shih says he believes the company has no intention to get into the hardware market and that the Microsoft Surface is just a ploy to garner interest in Windows 8 as a tablet operating system. While many have speculated this, former Dell CEO Kevin Rollins had much harsher words for the announcement.

“I don’t know that customers are begging for a Microsoft-based system. They are very happy with Apple and very happy with Android. The one thing going for Microsoft is they do have a large corporate base. It’ll just be a matter of whether a Windows 8 system is going to be that desirable by customers and employees in a new market where to a great extent employees are going to start buying their own tablet and that will be the device they use at work and at home. They might not have a choice. Microsoft may be locked out too.”

Ouch. Harsh words from two major companies that are expected to release their own Windows 8 tablets in the coming months. What do you think? Is the Surface viable in the consumer market or is it something the corporate world will eat up and that’ll be the end of it?

  • Justobeclear

    Jealous Much

  • idlelimey

    “I don’t know that customers are begging for a Microsoft-based system” So says the former boss at Dell. I had to read that twice. This man is saying that he didn’t know that consumers want Windows machines?

    As for Mr. Shih, is he suggesting that MS announce these tablets and then quietly forget about them?

    Not sure why I care anyway, I just want the RT version as soon as possible.

  • don hearn

    Whoa….thats…almost comical…….. Did he just predict…..that companys will stop useing tax right-offs to continue the 50 year tradition of fiscal qrter infustructure renewal? That now companys will not buy bussiness computers , they will force that tax right-off on to their employees??…so the employees can carry around and use their WORK system at home and for personal use???? AND???? he thinks…. that in this new reality he created in his head….that…. ANDROID? fits this bill as a replacement to the BUSSINESS Desktop/lap top? Thats….insantiy…..

  • Sunovavic

    Hardware companies upstaged by a software company… If they came up with a beautiful designs then MS wouldn’t have to come up with Surface.