T-Mobile & AT&T Fully Behind Windows Phone 8

For those of you on T-Mobile and AT&T’s networks, you’ll be happy to know that both are committed to Windows Phone 8 and bringing the best handsets to their networks. T-Mobile has confirmed that it will be a launch partner for Windows Phone 8 later this year, noting that it is pleased with the strong sales of the Lumia 710 that has been available on the network since January.

In an interesting bit of news from the network, sales of Windows Phone handsets have doubled in the past 8 months and nearly 55% of all the upgrades to the Lumia 710 coming from those who had feature phones before.

Additionally, AT&T released a brief statement about Windows Phone 8 that leaves no questions as to whether or not the network will receive high end devices.

AT&T plans to carry a new line of Windows Phone 8 smartphones launching later this year. The unmatched leader in Windows Phone –offering the very first 4G LTE Windows Phone smartphones in the U.S. – AT&T is home to the most robust Windows Phone portfolio of any carrier.

Of course, AT&T has been the strongest network for Windows Phone so far, with the launch of the Lumia 900 and several Samsung and HTC phones before Nokia’s official sally back into the market. We’re still waiting on word from both Verizon and Sprint, but earlier this year Verizon did show interest in Windows Phone 8.


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