Huawei Jumps on the Windows Phone 8 Bandwagon with the Ascend

Huawei was announced as an official partner at the Windows Phone Summit a few days ago, but the company hasn’t been content with the rumors surrounding what this means in terms of handsets offered. Instead, the company sent out a press release stating that its Windows Phone 8 handset will be the Ascend, officially joining the wide range of Android devices offered by the Chinese manufacturer.

“2012 is building up to be a great year for Huawei. Now, we are poised to end the year with a big bang – with the introduction of our first smartphone running on the Windows Phone platform. We’re very excited about this relationship with Microsoft which will enable us to provide our customers with a bigger array of Huawei smartphone choices.”

Of course there’s no information or specs for the phone but sight unseen, would you consider a Huawei device over that of Nokia, or even Samsung? The competition is going to be a lot tougher for Huawei, as the company is usually seen as a budget handset maker, though Nokia can claim that title for Windows Phones.

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