Will Microsoft Jump into the Phone Market?

The announcement of the Microsoft Surface on Monday was a surprise for most people, but since the Windows Phone Summit, it’s left many people wondering if Microsoft is planning on introducing its own line of Windows Phones as well. According to Reuters, this could be a definite possibility.

Analyst Rick Sherlund thinks Microsoft could be working with manufacturers in order to start developing their own handset for Windows 8, despite announcing four official partners at the Summit.

“It is unclear to us whether this would be a reference platform or whether this may be a go-to market Microsoft-branded handset.”

In response to the claims, a spokesperson for Microsoft said that it is all just speculation. The spokesperson said Microsoft is a “big believer in our hardware partners and together we’re focused on bringing Windows Phone 8 to market this year.”

Do you think Microsoft will set the bar for Windows Phone 8 devices by making their own? Those who have followed the industry for more than a few years will remember the tragedy that was the Kin One and Kin Two a few years ago and wonder if Microsoft is even capable of making phone hardware that people will want to use.

  • nimatra

    Don’t think about it. They just did not splash billions of dollars on Nokia to make phones themselves.

  • richandwhite

    I’m hoping the Surface can help them move on from the Kin failure. Seriously, imagine a successor to the Zune HD running WP8. Even after a few years, the Zune HD is still gorgeous, slim and well-designed.