Check Out This Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Concept, Would You Buy It?

Last week we asked if you thought Microsoft would be producing its own phone hardware after the announcement of the Microsoft Surface. There’s been a lot of buzz around whether or not Microsoft will be producing its own phone hardware, so its no surprise than an artistic Windows Phone enthusiast on DeviantArt created this concept Windows 8 phone.

The Surface Phone as it’s dubbed by the creator, Jonas Daehnert, seems like a sleek phone that will turn heads when people see you using it. The buttons on the front feature the new Windows 8 logo which is interesting and of course you can see the new start screen on the device. Overall, I feel it’s a very sleek device that I would love to have in my pocket, though perhaps raised Gorilla Glass similar to what’s on the Lumia 800 could improve the device even further. What do you think? Would you buy this handset were Microsoft to manufacture something similar?


  • awesome!

  • Looks pretty cool, but I’m not jumping on anything just yet. WP was originally awesome for pushing the lack of fragmentation on their devices, but the new strategy of just leaving everything behind with each big update is worse than fragmenting the community. I wouldn’t buy anything until I see how they handle updates and whatnot in the future.

  • their silence about upcoming updates to existing phones should have answered that question. which is why I didnt get a Titan 2 or Lumina. People should have known better and just waited for native Windows 8 phones.

  • @firas_md

    This is exactly what im looking for. siple, classy all it needs is to be thinner, just as the OPPO finder model.
    Windows phone 8 will make a huge leap in The windows family.

  • Gert

    Sold to me :)

  • BBGuner

    Buying it for sure!

  • The Hammer

    To be honest it looks like the Samsung Omina W range of WP7.5
    So maybe Samsung are making it.

  • nindza

    I would buy it for sure! really nice design…unfortunatelly, all good looking concepts never go to production…