Did Microsoft’s Announcement of Windows 8 put Nokia in Buyout Position?

While there’s a lot to be excited about in the upcoming Windows Phone 8 launch, many current users are unhappy with the state of things. This applies especially to Lumia users in the United States, who hopped on board the Microsoft and Nokia train only to find out they’re being left in the dust for new Windows Phone 8 hardware features.

The Windows Phone 7.8 update was set to¬†assuage some of the feeling of abandonment by giving users the new start screen and a few other features, but even investors are looking at Nokia and understanding that the company is in a very low place right now. Over the weekend the company’s stock dropped to a new 16 year low, as investors realize the company won’t be turning around in the next six months as hoped.

Consumers who are interested in Windows Phone will wait to purchase a Windows Phone 8 handset, and those who already own Lumia devices are carting around legacy handsets that may not be able to run all of the best apps come six months from now. This jaded position for Nokia has led many to wonder if Microsoft’s announcement placed Nokia in a prime position to be bought by the Redmond giant.

There has been speculation all across tech circles that Microsoft is looking to get into the handset business just as it stepped its foot into the tablet business and made waves with the Microsoft Surface. It’s possible that with Nokia in such a poor position financially, Microsoft may do the same with the company that Google did with Motorola. Buy up the company and operate it as a separate but wholly owned subsidiary that manufacturers exclusive Windows Phones. Do you think this is a possibility? Let us know in the comments if you think Nokia would do better under Microsoft’s wing.

  • Karios

    If this is the case, I say they did this on purpose to buy it cheaply. Which is a direct blow under the belt, since Nokia invested everything on this cooperation. Or maybe that was the plan all along?
    Anyway, I’ve written an open letter to Joe Belfiore about all this:

  • TomJTaylor
  • I don’t know if they would buy them up or just release something in-house like they did with the xbox, zune, and are doing with the surface now. They really did screw them with the WP8 announcement though.

  • richandwhite

    When it’s all said and done, we’re a few short months from seeing some WP8 devices. Could you imagine the shit storm that would have ensued if they had waited until WP8 released in the fall to tell everyone their phones weren’t upgradeable?

    Overall, I understand the separation. I’m just thankful to be receiving the 7.8 update. I mean the Siri app was released in the iPhone 2G/3G era, do you really think that update couldn’t have been pushed to the iPhone 4? Not updating previous handsets is an industry standard. You pretty much have to root any Android phone older than 8 months to get new updates.