Leaked Video Shows Nokia Working on a Cloud Solution

Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox.. there’s no shortage of cloud services available for the tech world. It looks like Nokia could be looking to enter the market for its Lumia users by providing a cloud solution for users. Oddly enough the video only displays the Nokia Air service on a range of fake Symbian devices, so it’s possible this idea could have been trashed before it saw realization or its still in R&D for Lumia users.

The concept is rather interesting though, in that Nokia offers a service that will allow users to use their apps and get information from the cloud, without having to install them directly. If the concept works, it’s pretty ingenious and we hope it’s something that is on the table for Windows Phone in the future.

  • If they can add something to the space, definitely cool. If it’s just another thing to sync shit to, meh.