Bing Maps Updated with 165TB of New HD Imagery

No doubt in an effort to keep up with the superior Google Maps, Microsoft has updated Bing Maps with an additional 165 terabytes of aerial images taken from both satellites and aircraft. This increases the mapping services’ reach of high-definition photos across the globe, covering nearly 38 million square kilometers. The new imagery covers North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Aerial pictures comprise more than 160 areas of interest, including landmarks, monuments, and well known bits of terrain. This is the largest update to Bing Maps to date, which dwarfs the former database of 129 terabytes. It’s always good to see Microsoft staying in the game by keeping their services up to date, but this is interesting news considering Windows Phone 8 will be using Nokia Maps in the future. Still, for desktop users, enjoy the new eye candy.

[via The Verge]