Failed HP Slate tablets led to the creation of Microsoft Surface

If you’ve ever used Windows 7 on a touchscreen device you know how completely infuriating it can be. The experience is laggy, slow, and completely unnatural, but that didn’t stop companies like HP from putting Windows 7 on tablets.

The New York Times is running an article that says disappointing tablets made by HP and Dell are the reason Microsoft decided to create their own device. Microsoft tried to work with 3rd-party partners to create an ipad competitor, but they weren’t happy with the hardware produced, and OEMs weren’t happy with the software to use. The solution to compete with the iPad was also to compete with Apple’s way of doing things.: creating hardware and software together.

Even if Microsoft surface doesn’t sell better the iPad it has already served it’s purpose in showing people what Windows 8 devices should be. Microsoft has already proved that if done right a Windows 8 tablet can create a lot of excitement. Let’s hope this message is loud and clear to OEMs.

  • I think it’s smart. Apple succeeds bc they have total control over their stuff. Google is pushing Android so well because their Nexus devices show exactly how they envision their devices to be used. Microsoft has learned they can’t rely on the OEM’s to do that for their stuff, so I’m very happy to see them take charge of that with the Lumia line for WP7 and the Surface for tablets.