[Poll] Microsoft Surface for Windows RT or Windows 8 Pro?

Early last week we all drooled over the newly announced Microsoft Surface tablets. They are sexy, have awesome accessories, and run Windows 8. But one thing that may have been unclear is the two different versions of Surface: Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. For a breakdown of the differences head over here for my previous post.

Now that you’re educated, which one will you choose? The Windows RT tablet with it’s great gaming performance, or the Windows 8 Pro that runs all your current apps? Also take into consideration that the RT Surface will cost less than the Pro version. The choice is yours. Let us know below!

  • I don’t see a poll anywhere, but Windows 8 Pro here for sure

  • Wyn6

    Pro for me. RT for my fiancée.

  • Pookiewood

    depends on pricing but I think RT is enough to serve my purposes. I still have a good running Llano laptop I bought in February. Maybe if the surface came with an AMD proc for the pro. (supporting my company) :)

  • Rallicat

    RT to take on the road, Pro for home-use as a ‘power tablet’