Would a Microsoft-made Windows Phone be more attractive to you than other OEMs?

There is a lot of speculation going on about whether Microsoft will make their own Windows Phone 8 device. The speculation comes from the Microsoft Surface tablet they are making for Windows 8. It would make a lot of sense for them to set the standards of what both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 should be. Yesterday there was even a nice mock-up of what a Surface Phone could look like.

With all this speculation and dreaming about a Microsoft-made Windows Phone I can’t help but wonder if people hold Microsoft to a higher standard than the likes of HTC or Samsung. Microsoft doesn’t make much hardware anymore, so we really don’t know what the quality of these devices would be. Meanwhile Nokia and co. are pumping out phones every year.

Would you want a Microsoft-made phone over someone like Nokia or HTC?

  • Yes. The only Android phones I will buy for myself, or recommend to others, are the Nexus line. I would do the same with a Microsoft made phone.

  • Rallicat

    If there was no Nokia Lumia, then I’d be happy to see a Microsoft phone for sure, but I think Nokia is doing a fairly good job of delivering great handsets, and a range of choices.

  • Mudrat

    Well Microsoft has a few Ace’s up its sleeve.
    1. It could buy Blackberry and have auto access to design, OS and other departments.
    As well as all the patents etc. This would make sense rather than having to start from scratch.
    2. It could buy a large chunk of Nokia to keep it from folding and have access to all of the departments and support, this would tie up any lose ends.
    I love my Lumia 800 and hope Nokia does not fold, I think Blackberry buy is better and let Nokia lose with their patents etc to help Nokia.