Qualcomm Announces $200,000 Developer Contest for Windows RT Apps

Qualcomm has announced a new developer contest for Windows RT Metro Style apps. The contest is only available for those inside the United States and the grand prize isn’t a total of $200,000, but there’s still plenty of interesting things here for developers to get excited about.

Winners for the contest will be chosen from a number of categories, including Best Overall, with a grand prize of $100,000. Other categories and prizes include “Best Compelling Connectivity Use Case” for $20,000, “Best Gaming App” for $20,000, “Best Productivity App” for $20,000 and “Best AllJoyn Peer-to-peer App” for $40,000. All apps will be evaluated by a panel chosen by Qualcomm.

If you’re a developer and you’re interested in this contest, you can check out the competition site here. You’ll have to submit your working application where it can be judged and the entry period is available all the way until October 1st.


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