[Exclusive] Preview of Upcoming Xbox LIVE Title Mush

It’s always fun to get a look at Xbox LIVE games before they hit the marketplace. Today we’re having a peek at Mush, an emotional platformer from Angry Mango Games. The team behind Mush consists of five developers who worked through their concept to turn it into an Xbox LIVE game that will be released on July 4th. The concept is rather simple, as the character you control has different emotions that effect how he moves through the world. Happy floats, while sad does not.

The graphics and atmosphere of Mush are perhaps one of the most enjoyable features, as they look almost like paper cut outs that were designed specifically and meticulously for each set piece. Angry Mango detailed the process they used to create these environments. Click the image to read the notes and details that went into creating the character and environmental art for the game.

Aside from the aesthetic look, gameplay looks sensational. Mush uses the phone’s accelerometer to turn the world and guide the character through it. Emotions for the character are changed by drawing happy or sad faces with your finger and you’ll need to do so frequently to guide yourself through the levels. It’s an interesting mix of concepts that have been done before, but never in such detail. For frequent Nintendo DS gamers, you may remember Nintendo’s own experiment with emotional gameplay in Super Princess Peach.

The platforming aspects of the game are also¬†reminiscent¬†of Eversion, a small PC indie platformer where players had to invert the world in order to pass through each level. Overall, it’s not hard to see why Mush is now available as an Xbox LIVE title, given how high the production values are and the meat of the content. Watch the video below to check out Mush. It’ll be available on July 4th and we’ll keep you up to date.

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