Magenta Lumia 900 ROM Shows Up for AT&T, Release Imminent?

Despite Nokia stock plummeting to all time lows since the announcement of Windows Phone 8, it looks like the company is still eager to push those magenta Lumia 900s we thought were coming for Mother’s Day. With that day come and gone and Father’s Day too, it seems as though we finally have conformation that a magenta device will be released soon.

Using NaviFirm Plus to check Nokia’s servers, savvy folks have discovered a magenta ROM for the Lumia 900. The current ROM file for the device is listed asĀ RM-808 VAR ATT MAGENTA (059N3B9), which has the same firmware as the current Lumia 900 devices available on AT&T. For those of you who want a device that at best will be receiving the Windows Phone 7.8 update, this could be an option in the future if you like looking pretty in pink.

[via WPCentral]



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