Microsoft removed the Start button from Windows 8 because of you

In an unpopular decision Microsoft decided the Start button was no longer necessary for Windows 8, instead the Metro layer can be used as the “Start menu.” This left a lot of people unhappy, and there were immediately hacks to get it back. Microsoft fired back with plans to make it near impossible to ressurect the Start menu of old.

Microsoft wants people to use Metro, so much that they are removing every aspect of the “old Windows.” But why did they remove the Start button? Because you weren’t using it.

In an interview with PC Pro Microsoft’s Chaitanya Sareen explains why the Start button has been removed. He says that the ability to pin programs to the task bar in Windows 7 resulted in users using the Start menu less. They started launching apps from the task bar instead of opening up the Start menu. Use of the Start menu dropped in Windows 7, so Microsoft embraced the change. Now you can basically live in the Start menu, only it’s called Metro.

  • Metro is so much more than just the “Start menu”.

  • Of course it is.

  • jeffrey evans

    So long Windows, alas I knew thee well. I’ve been using Windows since 3.11 and every iteration has seen reasonable differences in the UI until 8. The shift from 7 to 8 is too much, likely most of the user base will feel isolated and confused. 8 might look better on a tablet but for my home PC, no thanks.