Quinn Damerell shows off BaconSync, a Chrome extension that works with Baconit

One of our favorite apps on Windows Phone is Baconit, the exceptional Reddit app made by our friend Quinn Damerell. Today he has shown off an upcoming feature for Baconit called BaconSync.

BaconSync is a Google Chrome extension that works along with the Baconit app. The extension will sync visited inks across devices. No longer will you mistakenly click on something you already read on a different device. That feature alone is pretty awesome, but he didn’t stop there.

Android users are familiar with something called “Chrome to Phone,” and extension that sends links to your Android browser from the Chrome desktop. BaconSync has something similar. You can click the extension icon in the toolbar and select “send current page to phone.” Baconit will then open on your phone and display the page. You can also right click on links and send to phone from there.

This is truly awesome functionality from Quinn and more reason to love Baconit. BaconSync will be available soon.

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