[CONTEST UPDATE] More RSS feed functionality

We’re down to a little over a week left in our “$5,000 WinSource app contest” and we’ve got a nice little update for those of you participating. If you’re using the RSS feed to gather articles from the site you probably know it leaves more to be desired.

We’re happy to announce that the RSS feed now has a comment in the content for the source of the post thumbnail. Now you can grab the thumbnails that show up on the front page of WinSource.

We have already received several submissions, and we can’t wait to see even more. The deadline is July 7th at 11:59pm Eastern.

  • Christian

    Argh, you broke my app!
    Each item in the feed contains a content:encoded element – where the story’s text goes – and a description element – which used to be just a truncated preview of the story and was not encoded. Now the description has the same HTML-encoded text as content:encoded. Can you change it back please? There is no reason for there to be two fields with identical content and I was using the description text in my app.
    What used to look like this is now full of HTML tag garbage.

  • Hi Christian,

    Thanks for the feedback. We’ve made some changes on our end. Let us know if you’re having any more problems please.

  • Christian

    All fixed, props on the quick response.