HP Says No Windows RT Tablets, Throws its Weight Behind Intel

For those of you who are interested in a Windows RT tablet, your manufacturer options just got a bit slimmer. HTC was officially denied permission to make a Windows RT tablet, but HP has confirmed today in an interview with Bloomberg that it has no plans to develop a Windows RT tablet of its own. It’s interesting to note that aside from the Microsoft Surface RT, the only other company that has announced a Windows RT version of their Windows 8 tablet is Asus.

This could be partner backlash for Microsoft announcing their own Surface tablet, or it could be that companies don’t think consumers will want the less powerful version of Windows 8 on ARM. What do you think?

[via The Verge]

  • Rallicat

    Less partner backlash, more Intel throwing it’s weight around. Ever since Microsoft announced it was porting to ARM, Intel have been desperately talking up the mobility and low power characteristics of their chips, trying to head ARM off. I suspect a certain amount of ‘pressure’ has been placed on OEMs behind the scenes to produce only Intel tablets.
    As we’ve seen from the Surface announcement, the ARM based system is thinner, lighter, and I’m betting on it having better battery life too, and will probably perform much more like a real tablet too.
    When Surface gets released, I’m getting the RT version for sure – it’s just going to work better.