[Guest Post] Cloud Blaster Beta receives hefty update

This is a guest post written by Logan Nowak, the developer of Husky Paw Games.

Cloud Blaster’s update is now live in the marketplace. This update has a lot of various changes.

First up, is the UI. I’ve been messing with the interface a lot, trying to get it to show everything you need to know, without making it too cluttered. I think I’ve accomplished that with this update. I’m pretty proud about how the arena screen turned out, as well as the cosmetic selection screen.

Speaking of which, cosmetics are now available. Right now, there are seven items you can purchase. More are planned for later, but it is a good start.

Next up, the dark enemies are now live. Getting hit by these guys blinds you temporarily. The effect lasts about as long as the blue’s slow.

A tiny fragment of the improved boss AI is present. I’m having more trouble than i thought I would. The boss sprites are also going to be redone.

There have been some minor performance enhancements as well. Bullets are managed better, resulting in less slowdown. Along with that, languages are mostly implemented into this version.

Cloud Blaster Beta

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