InstaCam Review (Instagram for Windows Phone) [Video]

The app gap is closing between Windows Phone and other platforms, but there is still some work to be done. For those apps that aren’t yet available for Windows Phone we have to rely on 3rd-party developers. Lucky for us Windows Phone has some of the best devs out there, as we saw in Developer Appreciation Month.

One app that isn’t available yet is Instagram, the enormously popular photo sharing service. One app that attempts to fill the void is InstaCam.

InstaCam can do everything you would expect an Instagram app to do except one big thing: uploading photos. You can see your feed, like and comment on photos, search tags, see what’s popular, and even apply filters to existing photos. Unfortunately that’s as far as you can go, and it’s not looking like Instagram will open things up any time soon.

Other than the obvious lack of functionality this is a great app. If you have a lot of friends that use Instagram, or perhaps you use it on an iPad or Android device you can still see what’s going on with your Windows Phone. Check out my video above for a full rundown of what InstaCam has to offer.

InstaCam is free in the Marketplace.

  • I just switch over from Android and instagram is one of the apps that I really miss. I would like an official app..

  • J

    I think it’s Instagram themselves that are stopping any third-party (regardless of OS) app from submitting images. The developer of Instacam pasted a reply on another WP site that they recieved from Instagram (before Facebook aquired them). Instagram didn’t want the quality of images to be lower than they wanted to display.

  • Yeah, i’m fully aware Instagram is the one limiting this app.

  • That’s me! Lol Instacam actually looks nicer than the official Android/iOS Instagram app =p

  • JSYOUNG571

    Go back to Android, because Instagram will never do an app for a sinking platform (Real Talk)

  • I will go back to android the day HW companies stop skinning the OS with their iteration of what they think android should be.

  • sunprincess

    When I installed instacam on my windows phone it only showed popular and search didn’t show feed so I couldn’t see friends photos on instagram like the video shows. Did I do something wrong?