Lumia 800 & 900 Win Gold IDEA Awards for Design

Despite the outrage of the Lumia 900 being considered an outdated device just three months after its launch, Nokia is still winning awards for the design of both it and its sister handset the Lumia 800. The International Design Excellence Awards decided to bestow the honor upon both Lumia devices, stating:

“In a market in which it is difficult to stand out, the Nokia Lumia brings a fresh perspective. The iconic form is personal and inviting without sacrificing precision, and the construction is modern, efficient and well-crafted down to the smallest details. It’s a bold, gold-worthy effort, and I’m glad to see Nokia reclaim its design swagger.”

– Jonah Becker, Principal and Creative Director, One & Co.

The Lumia 900 received decent praise for what I feel is an accurate description of the phone, which is no surprise considering the phone took best of show at CES 2012 winning four awards there.

“The Lumia 900 was designed to feel human and to fit beautifully in the hand. At first glance, it looks advanced and feels progressive. The sleek form of the polycarbonate unibody flows seamlessly into the curved Gorilla glass display. This blurs the boundary between physical and digital, and accentuates the tactile experience of the swiping gesture that is core to the user interface. Laminating the display module directly to the 3D glass gives the appearance that the content is swimming on the surface. It brings simplicity and a quiet intrigue that is beautiful to the eye, but complex to achieve.”

Nokia will likely continue this design trend with it’s Windows Phone 8 devices and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

[via Nokia Conversations]

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