Windows Phone 8 Marketplace to Reach More than 180 Countries

If you didn’t think Microsoft was serious about Windows Phone 8, then perhaps their expanded market support will clue you in. The Windows Phone 7.5 marketplace was available in 38 countries, while Windows Phone 8 is scheduled to be available in more than 180+ countries across the globe. That’s very nearly worldwide coverage and more than what Google offers with its Play store, which only allows apps from 31 countries and paid apps to 129 countries.

This means that Windows Phone 8 has a real chance in the 50 or so countries that Android is currently not supported in. As for the reason for the massive support? Windows is installed on more than 1.3 billion PCs across the globe and Windows Phone 8 apps are designed to be quickly ported from their desktop counterparts through the native code feature. This means Microsoft has a real change to gain a good portion of marketshare as developers in these countries will likely to turn Windows Phone as their mobile OS of choice.

[via WMPU]