Nokia Announces Updates for Several Lumia Phones

Nokia has officially confirmed software updates for three Lumia devices, including the 610, 710, and 900. These updates have some improved features, including enhanced proximity sensor and sound level for the 610, while the 710 will receive Internet sharing and flip to mute.

The Lumia 900 will receive enhancements to the proximity sensor as well, including small performance improvements and an adjustment to screen colors during low light conditions. It’s interesting to see each of these phones get vastly different improvements and I must say I’m a bit jealous that the Lumia 900 won’t be receiving flip to mute. It’s such a handy feature to have when the sound levels for Windows Phones aren’t variable as they are on Android.

[via: Nokia]

  • My T-Mobile USA Lumia 710 says no updates are available. :(