Windows Phone 7.8 won’t get Skype integration or IE 10

One of the big questions still left to be answered is just what features from Windows Phone 8 will current devices receive. So far we know for sure that the new Start screen will arrive with 7.8, but what else? It’s looking like the answer to that question is not as good as we were hoping.

According to sources at WP7Forum WP7.8 will not receive Internet Explorer 10 or the much requested Skype integration. The very limited Skype app will continue to be updated, but full phone integration will be reserved for WP8. They also mention that WP7.8 will get some of the new features of WP8, but they will be stripped down versions. Once example is DataSmart which will be built in to WP8, but relegated to an app in WP7.8.

Below is a chart of features for 7.8 and 8.

via Neowin

Is this disappointing to you, or was it expected?

  • Expected, but still kinda disappointing.

  • not really going to miss any of the WP8 features… thanks for posting this.

  • writteninr3d

    Should we expect to see NFC with WP7.8 or WP8, and will it be compatible with other platforms’ NFC?

  • What’s the big difference between being integrated and using the app? That’s how Android does almost everything.

  • JSYOUNG571

    It is what I expected and it is still disappointing. I have really given up on Microsoft.

  • JSYOUNG571

    Android’s version of apps are much better than Windows Phone 7 apps.