Watch: 16,000 people laugh at Siri during Microsoft’s WPC event

A while back we wrote about Siri giving some interesting answers when you ask “what is the best smartphone?’ We weren’t the only ones. The video soon went viral, and popped up on just about every website. Apple quickly updated the result, thus killing our fun.

Well, that didn’t stop Kevin Turner from Microsoft from mentioning it during the WPC event this week. He starts the video mentioning how Windows Phone is beating the iPhone in customer satisfaction. Then he suggests we just ask Siri what the best phone is. The crowd loves it. Watch for yourself.


  • don hearn

    Its cute , its even funny that apple scrambled to change it.

    the point that WP7 is approaching the satisfaction level that the IPhone has is really fantastic.

    I think when the WP8 comes out and the .lib matures its going to be a major threat to android , and in some circles(bussiness and gamers) threaten the Iphone.